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Ligature-Resistant Door Systems

Our specialist Ligature-Resistant Doors are precision engineered to improve patient safety in behavioral health facilities by reducing the risk of ligature attachment. Built for durability, strength, and safety, our ligature-resistant door systems are proven to perform in the most challenging behavioral health environments.

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SWING DTM: Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System

Our Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System alerts staff to life-threatening incidents when a ligature attempt takes place at the door’s top edge to help prevent loss of life.

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SWING Anti-Barricade Door System

Overcome door barricades in under 2 seconds with the SWING Anti-Barricade Door System. Available in Leaf & A Half specifications.

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SWITCH Anti-Barricade Door System

The world’s first and only hinge-side anti-barricade door system, designed for fast, controlled, and safe overcoming of barricading incidents by keeping staff in the ‘Green Zone’.

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Ligature-Resistant SHOWER Door for Behavioral Health

SHOWER delivers a robust ligature-resistant solution for bathroom facilities, ensuring patients can maintain privacy and dignity with reduced risk.

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Ligature-Resistant SECLUSION Door System

The SECLUSION Door System provides our most robust solution for areas where patients are required to be isolated in a safe environment. SECLUSION is flush to the inside for patient safety while staff can rely on the high-strength 3-point slam lock system for unrivalled security.

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SOLO Single Action Door System

The SOLO Single-Action Door System provides a robust ligature-resistant solution to improve patient safety in behavioral healthcare facilities.

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