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De-Risking Behavioral Health Environments

Working collaboratively with some of the world’s leading behavioral health organizations, Kingsway continuously innovate at the forefront of ligature-resistant product design and manufacture, de-risking for our clients at every stage.

Our approach takes a holistic view, working step-by-step to reduce risk for our clients across each area. This comprehensive program is designed to deliver peace of mind in high risk and unpredictable environments.

Potential risk exists in the following areas…

Patient Self-Harm

  • The risk of patient self-harm or loss of life and the potential for litigation

Staff Injury

  • The risk of harm to staff and the potential for litigation around violent incidents or injury


  • Accreditation issues due to poor ligature mitigation and risk control

Slow Patient Recovery

  • Poorly designed environment impacts patient recovery times and damages hospital reputation

Under (or over) Specification of Product

  • Unsuitable products leading to financial loss and health & safety issues

Incorrect Assembly of Product

  • Leading to safety concerns, damage, litigation, and financial loss
The Kingsway approach:

7 trusted steps to compliance

The human, financial and environmental impact of ineffective ligature-resistant products and strategies can be considerable.

Kingsway’s 7-Step approach is designed to reduce suicide risks around doors and bathrooms in behavioral health environments.


The national cost of suicides and self injury in the United States in 2019 was $490 billion

[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2022]


Step 1: Facility Review

  • Gaining a complete understanding of the facility, the processes & strategies, and potential risks.

Step 2: Setting the Standard

  • Establishing a best practice strategy for ligature resistant products within the facility.

Step 3: Sampling & Approvals

  • Providing full-size product samples for the facility and key stakeholders to review, including nursing staff and patient safety managers.
Project Lifecycle

Step 4: Project Specification

  • Kingsway’s in-house Project and Design teams come together to define the scope of the project.

Step 5: Manufacture & Delivery

  • The specified products are put into production in our Michigan based production facility and delivered to site.

Step 6: Annual Safety Check

  • Ensuring the ligature resistant strategy is continuing to deliver life-saving benefits.    ­­

Step 7: Compliance Review

  • Supporting the facility in keeping their systems up to date and ensuring continued compliance.

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