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KwikShip: Specialist doors in 8 weeks

Introducing KwikShip® – a fast-tracked manufacturing schedule for ligature-resistant doorsets.

With just an 8-week lead time from receipt of approved Submittals to dispatch from Kingsway premises, KwikShip® provides streamlined access to specialist doorsets designed specifically for behavioral healthcare environments.

Request a quote or use our new configurator tool to design your doorset online and receive custom elevation drawings instantly.

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See the range of Kingsway doorsets available with KwikShip below:

Ligature-Resistant Doorsets available with KwikShip®:

KwikShip SWING Anti Barricade Door. KwikShip® Door 1

SWING Anti-Barricade

In the event of a door barricade scenario, the Kingsway SWING Anti-Barricade Door System allows staff to quickly and easily gain access to the barricaded room, opening outwards in seconds with no need to retract the lock bolt first.

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KwikShip SOLO Anti Ligature Door. KwikShip® Door 2

SOLO Single-Action

Improving patient safety in the most challenging environments, the Kingsway SOLO ligature-resistant doorset provides a robust and durable solution for all single acting door requirements within a behavioral healthcare facility.

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KwikShip Anti Ligature SHOWER Door. KwikShip® Door 3


Our new ligature-resistant SHOWER doorset improves safety while maintaining patient privacy and dignity in washroom facilities. It offers a high-strength and shatterproof solution with excellent durability in wet environments.

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SWING KwikShip Spec

SWING Specification on KwikShip®:

SWING ensures staff are prepared should a service user attempt to barricade a door. It provides exceptional durability and simplicity with anti-ligature design.

  • Anti-Barricade
  • Ligature-resistant componentry factory fitted
  • 1 ¾” solid timber core
  • Complete with hollow metal frame
  • Available with a Duralux or Pyrolux Vision Panel

KwikShip Anti Barricade Door.

SOLO KwikShip Spec

SOLO Specification on KwikShip®:

SOLO provides the complete ligature-resistant solution for single-action door requirements within a behavioral health facility.

  • Single-action
  • Ligature-resistant componentry factory fitted
  • 1 ¾” solid timber core
  • Complete with hollow metal frame
  • Available with a Duralux or Pyrolux Vision Panel

KwikShip Anti Ligature Door.

SHOWER KwikShip Spec

SHOWER Specification on KwikShip®:

SHOWER offers a high-strength, fixed-to-the-frame solution to safely maintain patient privacy in private shower and washroom facilities.

  • Available with new hollow metal frame or as a retro-fit option
  • Ligature-resistant leaf and hinge system
  • Ultra high strength solution
  • UL94 V-1 flammability rating (self-extinguishing with no flammable drips)
  • Easy to clean for improved infection control

KwikShip Anti Ligature SHOWER Door.

Read some of the frequently asked questions around KwikShip. If you can’t find an answer below, give us a call or send an email and we’ll be glad to help.

KwikShip is a fast-tracked manufacturing schedule available for a streamlined selection of Kingsway’s Ligature-Resistant Complete Door Systems.

Your 8-week lead time starts from receipt of approved Submittals, to the date of dispatch from Kingsway premises. Requesting a quote or configuring a door with the KwikShip Configurator does not commence the 8-week lead time.

KwikShip is currently available for a streamlined selection of our Complete Door Systems, including our SWING Anti-Barricade, SOLO Single-Action and SHOWER Ensuite Door Systems.

The KwikShip Configurator is an intuitive online tool that lets you design and configure ligature-resistant doorsets from our KwikShip range before receiving custom elevation & technical drawings instantly. The tool aims to streamline your project planning and procurement phases. Try it for yourself!


No, but doing so can help speed up your planning and procurement phases. You can always specify a KwikShip doorset by contacting us over the phone or an email, or you can request a quote via the form below.


If you have your exact sizings already, great. If not, we will arrange to visit your site at a time that suits you to carry out the required survey.

Yes, of course. We are more than happy to visit your site to carry out the required surveys.

No. Once you’ve configured a door you’ll first receive your custom elevation & technical drawings via email; these will arrive within moments of finalizing your doorset on the Configurator tool.

From there, your Kingsway Project Consultant will be in contact with your quote and to discuss next steps. No orders will be placed without your explicit confirmation.

KwikShip Door Configurator App by Kingsway USA.
KwikShip® Configurator

Design your Doorset online

Design your KwikShip® doorset using the online KwikShip® Configurator and receive custom elevation & technical drawings instantly. Once you’ve designed your door with the Configurator, we’ll be in touch to discuss your quote and next steps.

The intuitive tool is designed to streamline your procurement process, however, if you’d rather speak to us direct, simply call us or send an email.

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