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Our range of ligature resistant ancillary products are designed to improve the safety of both staff and patients in the most challenging behavioral health environments.

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Kick Plate

A highly durable Kick Plate manufactured from stainless steel sheet to exact dimensions to suit specific door widths.

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Large T-Handle Oval Drive Key

A large T-handle Oval Drive Key to provide staff with additional leverage when overcoming barricading incidents.

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Large T-Handle Square Drive Key

A large T-handle key to provide staff with additional leverage when unlocking the SwingStop or SwitchHinge mechanism during barricading incidents.

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Ligature Resistant Mirror

A ligature-resistant and shatterproof mirror manufactured for robust performance in behavioral health facilities and challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Push Plate

A solid stainless steel ligature resistant push plate with radiused ends and chamfered edges suitable for the most challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Secure Access Panels

A range of highly secure, ligature resistant access panels to allow ease of use while protecting against abuse and self-harm.

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Ligature Resistant Whiteboard

A ligature-resistant whiteboard designed for use in behavioral health environments to improve patient wellbeing and recovery journeys.

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Ligature-Resistant Wall Mounted Seat

A high-strength, multipurpose seat for behavioral health to improve patient safety and reduce self-harm risk – suitable for shower & wet rooms!

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KG220 & KG221

Quarter Turn Deadbolt

A security bolt fitted inside half leaf doors to provide a secure alternative to flush bolts.

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Small Oval Drive Key

The Kingsway Staff Oval Key for extra security and safety, for use in conjunction with Kingsway products and solutions.

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Small Square Drive Key

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SwingThru Strike Plate

The SwingThru Strike Plate is a key component of the SWING Anti-Barricade Door System allowing staff to overcome barricades without retracting the lock bolt.

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