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Product Innovation in Behavioral Health

We exist to push limits, challenge thinking, innovate, and do what it takes to move safety and design in behavioral health environments to the next level. By exploring client insights, we are able to leap-frog to new ways of thinking that support smarter ways of operating and help deliver excellence in care.

From the introduction of the world’s only hinge-side anti-barricade door system, to the launch of our KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System, our history at Kingsway Group is dotted with carefully designed innovations in ligature-resistant and anti-barricade technology, centered around the specific needs of clinical staff and patients.

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Collaborative Innovation

We work closely with our partners to ensure we continuously advance our offerings. Through this process we are able to deliver custom solutions that meet the unique needs of your facility, staff, and patients.

Our range of ligature-resistant and anti-barricade solutions are developed in collaboration with leading health authorities, building designers, and people with lived experience to ensure every requirement down to the finest of detail is considered. We call this process Collaborative Innovation, and it’s one of the reasons we’re able to create globally trusted solutions that enhance the healing environment.

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Kingsway Group USA continuously innovate in anti-ligature and anti-barricade design.

Design Review Panels

Our Design Review Panels welcome people from a variety of backgrounds and qualifications, including people with lived experience, ward nurses, health and safety officers, directors of estates, facility project managers and more to assist in critiquing our designs prior to launching to the market.

The Design Review Panels help us bring you products that will succeed in your environment, enabling us to hone our designs and ensure our products and solutions work for everyone in each department, from architects drawing plans, clinical teams and patients operating the doors, project stakeholders managing facilities, to friends and relatives visiting their loved ones.

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Kingsway Group USA Design Review Panels bring together behavioral health experts and architects from across the USA to critique the latest anti-ligature and anti-barricade products.

Utilizing technology

Beyond physical products, our efforts to improve safety and reduce risk in behavioral health facilities extend to the use of smart technology to assist clinical teams in delivering the best possible care.

Following extensive research with many of our behavioral health partners, we have developed the next generation patient monitoring software to allow clinical teams to fully monitor ligature alarms while providing early warning indicators of ligature attempts.

In addition, KOSMOS provides management teams with invaluable data by logging a full audit trail of door activity, staff observations, and ligature alarm activations to help review patient care quality and highlight key trends on wards, such as patients leaving their rooms at specific times during the night or remaining in their room more than usual.

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