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Kingsway Standards

At Kingsway Group, we are committed to providing our partners with the best service and results possible through exacting standards to achieve excellence in patient safety. To ensure this, we listen to our partners’ very specific needs and draw on our considerable experience to deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

By setting our own exacting standards we are able to satisfy our three core values of ensuring Happy Customers, Perfect Products, and a Winning Team.

Our Core Values

Kingsway Group's highly skilled manufacturing team ensure products deliver the best possible performance. Perfect Products

At Kingsway Group, each product we design is put through extensive testing to ensure it meets and exceeds the demands of the most challenging environments. Our range of ligature resistant and anti-barricade solutions are developed in collaboration with leading health authorities, building designers, people with lived experience, and our behavioral health partners to ensure every requirement down to the finest of detail is considered. We call this process collaborative innovation, and it’s one of the things that’s helped us create solutions that are trusted across the globe.

Happy Customers

We treat every customer as a partner in a collaborative process as we work to understand and meet their project’s individual needs. In 2022, we launched our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to capture partner feedback following every completed project to help us drive continuous improvements. Since then, we’ve captured feedback covering the quality of our service and products from initial consultation to installation in over 100 completed projects, resulting in an NPS of +90 with our partners being either ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to recommend Kingsway Group.

Kingsway Group's Winning Team ensure all project requirements are met. Winning Team

At the heart of Kingsway Group, our Winning Team of over 100 highly skilled individuals are dedicated to ensuring our service and products exceed expectations and bring real world benefits to staff and patients throughout behavioral healthcare and other challenging environments.

Our team of experts across the US continue to drive innovation in our products and services to fulfil our mission of being a true Partner in Patient Safety

Our Guarantee

To reinforce our commitment to providing our partners with the best service available, we are proud to offer a 3-year guarantee at no extra cost on all our products – with the exception of our Duralux Vision Panels which come with a lifetime guarantee.

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