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Ligature-Resistant Division 10

As a high-risk area, washrooms in behavioral health facilities require careful consideration when planning and designing. Our wide range of Division 10 products help to increase patient safety in these areas by reducing the ligature risks present, including seating solutions, dispensers, mirrors, and supportive rails to assist the most vulnerable.

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Ligature Resistant Dual Coat Hook Rack

A ligature resistant dual coat hook rack suitable for patient areas that will support items such as coats or towels before releasing under additional weight.

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Ligature Resistant Grab Bars

Ligature resistant by design, our high-strength aluminum Grab Bars provide the ultimate solution to support patients in high risk areas.

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Ligature Resistant Handrails

The ultimate ligature-resistant handrail system for behavioral health environments, offering an ADA compliant and hygienic solution to improve safety.

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Ligature Resistant L-Shape Grab Bar

A ligature resistant L-Shape handrail section with two open end caps to improve patient safety in high-risk areas.

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Ligature Resistant Mirror

A ligature-resistant and shatterproof mirror manufactured for robust performance in behavioral health facilities and challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Paper Towel Dispenser Recessed

A recessed ligature resistant paper towel dispenser manufactured from stainless steel for a durable and safe solution in challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Quad Coat Hook Rack

A ligature resistant coat hook rack suitable for patient areas featuring four flexible rubber hooks with low load release thresholds.

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Ligature Resistant Recessed Soap Dispenser

A recessed ligature-resistant manual liquid soap dispenser compatible with GOJO soap refill cartridges.

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Ligature Resistant Recessed Washroom Shelf

A stainless steel recessed shelf for use in secure washrooms with a self-draining base making it suitable for items such as soap.

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Ligature Resistant Toilet Roll Holder

A surface mounted ligature-resistant toilet roll holder manufactured from stainless steel for a safe and durable solution for patient area toilets.

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Ligature Resistant Toilet Roll Holder (Recessed)

A recessed toilet roll holder to provide a secure and effective means of dispensing toilet rolls while being ligature resistant by design.

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Ligature Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispenser

A secure locking toilet tissue dispenser manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel for high durability against corrosion and abuse, suitable for the most challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispenser Recessed

A ligature resistant stainless steel recessed toilet tissue dispenser for patient washrooms that is fitted flush with the wall.

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Ligature Resistant Twin Toilet Roll Holder Surface Mounted

A ligature resistant toilet roll holder for behavioral health facilities capable of accommodating two toilet rolls. The surface mounted unit offers a durable and safe solution for patient accessible areas in challenging environments.

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Ligature Resistant Whiteboard

A ligature-resistant whiteboard designed for use in behavioral health environments to improve patient wellbeing and recovery journeys.

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Ligature-Resistant Coat Hook (Single)

A single ligature-resistant coat hook suitable for patient areas with a low load release flexible rubber hook.

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