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SERENITY Interactive Panel

'SERENITY' Interactive Screen for Behavioral Healthcare.

A new Kingsway Group innovation, the SERENITY interactive panel utilizes the latest technology to support patient wellbeing in behavioral healthcare environments.

Contributing to a calming, therapeutic and personalized space

SERENITY’s intuitive and customizable user interface allows patients to personalize their environment, providing an improved sense of control and aiding relaxation in what can be a challenging setting.

From controlling the integrated colored lighting system and selecting their own theme and calming background sounds, to browsing personal images or playing interactive games, SERENITY helps patients make their environment their own.

Ensuring suitability on a case-by-case basis

A remotely-accessible staff-only control panel allows clinical teams to determine which features and content a patient has access to, ensuring suitability on an individual basis.

Robust, ligature-resistant, yet non-institutional design

Through extensive refinement and product testing, the SERENITY panel successfully delivers an elegant and homely appearance while maintaining high-strength, ligature-resistant design. 3/8″ toughened and shatterproof glass ensures safety risks are further minimized.

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'SERENITY' Interactive Screen for Behavioral Healthcare.
'SERENITY' Interactive Screen for Behavioral Healthcare.

Supporting wellbeing

Supporting, not replacing communication

SERENITY’s ‘Check In’ feature allows the patient to select how they are feeling (at their own discretion) from a range of emotions. The feature aims to support proactive communication between the patient and clinical staff to help diffuse heightened states of emotion.

Supporting routine and planning

An integrated schedule application assists patients with tracking and planning their days, offering a sense of ownership over their routine while helping to smooth transitions between activities. Staff can upload pdf files to the schedule application, allowing the service user to receive information.

Enhancing healing environments

Addressing patient privacy concerns

Engagement with Experts by Experience during the design process highlighted the critical need to ensure any privacy concerns were accounted for and addressed. For this reason, the conscious decision was made to rule out the use of cameras and/or microphones, ensuring there should be no concerns around the panel listening to or watching the user.

Safe entertainment in a clinical environment

A selection of interactive games and an intuitive drawing application provide light forms of entertainment while encouraging creativity, something which can help towards expressing or processing emotions in a positive manner.