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Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System

Alarmed Door Systems

The Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System maximizes the risk-reducing capabilities of our leading ligature resistant and anti-barricade SWING Door System by alerting staff to life-threatening incidents when a ligature attempt takes place at the door’s top edge, with the added ability of overcoming barricading incidents in under 2 seconds.

Specifically designed for bedroom areas to help staff prevent loss of life, the DTM Alarmed Door System is hardwired and ligature resistant by design, providing the robustness and reliability demanded for an assistive clinical product within a life-critical system.

Our Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System is ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, arriving on site pre-tested and factory fitted with all components and hardware for smooth and efficient installation as one single unit.

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Key Features
KOSMOS compatible
Double action
High strength tested

Unique ligature detection

Unique to Kingsway Group, ligature attempts are detected when the door is in both open and closed positions, triggering an alarm when a weight of 15lbs is applied to door’s top edge.

An adjustable delay to the alarm trigger of up to seven seconds can be set to prevent nuisance or false alerts where required, ensuring clinical teams are correctly alerted to ligature incidents to help prevent loss of life.


Benefitting from the anti-barricade capabilities of our SWING Door System, the DTM Alarmed Door System provides staff with fast and controlled access to patient rooms in emergency situations, opening outwards within 2 seconds to overcome barricading incidents with no need to retract the lock bolt.

Manufactured to our own exacting standards, the DTM Alarmed Door System offers a versatile, safe, and durable anti-barricade solution with all the robustness of our proven-to-perform tri-laminate core doors while retaining ligature resistant design.

Seamless integration

Following extensive research with our behavioral health partners, our DTM Alarmed Door System integrates seamlessly with our KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System, allowing clinical teams to fully monitor ligature alarms and record an audit trail of patient activity and staff observations.

Alerting staff to life-threatening incidents, the DTM Alarmed Door System integrates with all major legacy staff attack and nurse call systems, including Nurse Call and Duress Alarm system.