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Ligature-Resistant Division 10

As a high-risk area, washrooms in behavioral health facilities require careful consideration when planning and designing. Our wide range of Division 10 products help to increase patient safety in these areas by reducing the ligature risks present, including seating solutions, dispensers, mirrors, and supportive rails to assist the most vulnerable.

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Ligature-Resistant Drop Rail (Wall Mounted)

A high-strength drop rail to facilitate safe use of washrooms with a sturdy hinged arm that can be locked in the upright position when not in use. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel for maximum durability and powder coated for extra comfort and to match or contrast the surroundings.

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Ligature-Resistant Manual Soap Dispenser

A manually operated Ligature-Resistant Soap Dispenser with a refillable liquid soap reservoir, designed for safe and durable use in behavioral health environments.

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Ligature-Resistant Paper Towel Dispenser

A highly durable, Ligature-Resistant Paper Towel Dispenser manufactured from stainless steel for a safe and effective means of dispensing paper towels in challenging environments.

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Ligature-Resistant Paper Towel Shelf (Recessed)

A ligature-resistant shelf designed to safely hold paper towels in high-risk behavioral health environments.

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Ligature-Resistant Wall Mounted Seat

A high-strength, multipurpose seat for behavioral health to improve patient safety and reduce self-harm risk – suitable for shower & wet rooms!

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Manual Ligature-Resistant Soap Dispenser (GOJO Compatible)

A manually operated and surface mounted Ligature-Resistant Soap Dispenser. Compatible with GOJO soap refill cartridges, it provides a hygienic, safe, and durable solution to hand sanitization in patient accessible washrooms.

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