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Product Focus: SWING Anti-Barricade Door System

At Kingsway Group, our mission is to aid clinical teams in improving patient safety within challenging environments through innovative design that reduces risk.

Our history at Kingsway Group is dotted with carefully designed innovations in ligature resistant and anti-barricade technology, centered around the specific needs of clinical staff and service users. By considering these needs at every step of our process, and through close collaboration with our partners and people with lived experience, we have been able to develop the widest range of life-safety Door Systems available to meet the extensive demands of the most challenging behavioral health environments.

In today’s blog post, we explore our SWING Anti-Barricade Door System and the ways that it can reduce risk in these environments and improve the safety of patients.


What is SWING?

The SWING Anti-Barricade Door System is a life-safety door system that provides staff with fast and controlled access to patient rooms in emergency situations, opening outwards within two seconds to overcome barricading incidents with no need to retract the lock bolt. Manufactured to our own exacting standards, SWING offers a versatile, safe, and durable anti-barricade solution with all the robustness of our proven-to-perform tri-laminate core doors.

How does it work?

The SWING Anti-Barricade Door System features three key components that allow the door to open outwards during a barricading incident.

Firstly, the SwingStop provides normal single-action operation when locked and is secured by three locking points for high-strength performance. The SwingStop is controlled by one single key point using the Kingsway Staff Key. By unlocking the SwingStop, it will open away from the closing edge of the door leaf to allow the leaf to open outwards freely.

Secondly, the SwingThru Strike Plate ensures the door can swiftly open outwards even when the door has been locked from the inside by the patient. This crucial feature means that there is no need for secondary override tool kits to open the door outwards, saving crucial seconds during life-threatening incidents.

Thirdly, the continuous hinge, known as the SwingHinge, provides double-action capabilities to the door leaf while retaining ligature resistant design. When combined with the SwingStop and SwingThru Strike Plate, the SwingHinge allows staff to overcome barricading incidents quickly and effectively. The continuous hinge also adds to the door’s robustness, as it provides a continuous anchor point to the door frame that runs the entire length of the leaf.



To ensure its suitability for a variety of circumstances within a behavioral health facility, SWING is available in single leaf or leaf and a half configurations. In normal operation, the half leaf is securely locked at the top and bottom and can be simply opened using the Kingsway Staff Key to provide wide access when necessary.

Customizable finishes and hardware

While the SWING system provides essential anti-barricade performance, it also delivers exceptional aesthetics that can help contribute to a therapeutic environment, creating a non-institutional space for the well-being of patients. With custom combinations of Vision Panels, Finishes, and Door Hardware, SWING’s appearance can be customized to ensure its suitability for a wide range of service user requirements and locations within the ward environment and to help develop less institutional spaces in behavioral health facilities.


Easy installation

As part of our efforts to make things as easy as possible for our partners, SWING arrives on site factory-fitted and tested for simple installation, ideal for both new build or refurbishment projects.

Ligature alarm capabilities

To reduce the ligature risks present further, SWING is fully compatible with our Door Top Monitor Alarmed Door System. Designed through research with our behavioral health partners to support clinical teams in improving the safety of those in their care, our DTM is an assistive technology that alerts staff when a ligature attempt takes place.


Our SWING Anti-Barricade Door System offers an innovative solution to the challenges of behavioral health environments, designed to reduce risk for and improve the safety of service users. To find out more about SWING or any of our other solutions, reach out to us here and will we be pleased to chat and explore how we can help as your partner in patient safety.

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