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Meet the Team: Peter Deeming, KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System Manager

We continue our Meet the Team blog series today as we welcome Peter Deeming. A recent yet welcomed addition to the team at Kingsway Group, Peter brings with him a wealth of experience working in the medical and healthcare fields.

Having now settled into his role leading the continuous development of our new award winning KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System, we invited Peter for a chat to find out more about him and his day-to-day at Kingsway Group.


Hello Peter, welcome to the blog and also welcome to Kingsway Group! How have you found things since joining Kingsway Group?

Hello Kingsway Group! I have been here now for a little under 3 months having joined at the beginning of August and am enjoying my time here. I had a great introduction to KOSMOS from Rod Foot, and I have very quickly had to become the KOSMOS expert, representing the product at the recent Healthcare Estates conference in Manchester.


We’re pleased to welcome you as our KOSMOS Product Manager and part of the newly formed and growing New Product Development team. Before we get into the role, could you tell us a bit about your background and experience to date?

I have been in the medical field for most of my career, working for the 2 major radiotherapy manufacturers. I had a range of roles from Installation Engineer, through service and Product Support Manager. More recently I have worked at CMR in Cambridge where I was responsible for back to base repairs of medical robots, and I was Project Manager at Thrive Wearables in Brighton.


Kingsway Group is committed to improving patient safety, with technology being one of our primary areas of exploration currently. Our new KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System being a perfect example of this. Could you tell us a bit about KOSMOS?

You’ll have to tell me when to stop as I could go on at length. In summary though, KOSMOS is a monitoring system designed to support clinical teams in behavioral health environments that continuously monitors all the sensors in Kingsway’s doors. These sensors include the Door Top Monitor which detect if a patient attempts to secure a ligature to the door edges, the Vision Panel open/close switch to detect when an observation takes place, and the door open/close sensor to monitor when a member of staff or patient enters/exits a room. These signals are then processed to generate further signals, for example the ligature alarm signal which activates to alert staff of a ligature attempt.

A central computer displays the status of each sensor on a map of the clinic’s ward. This allows clinical staff to have a live view of activity on all the doors on their ward. The activity detected by these sensors is also logged too which is really useful if staff need to refer back to verify that a particular event happened at a particular time, such as an observation; this might help staff who have to write an incident report for example.


What are you most excited about for the role and what are your ambitions?

From a product point of view I see a huge potential for KOSMOS in terms of the support that it can provide to clinical and management teams in behavioral health environments. I love seeing systems like this come to life and to hear that customers are gaining benefit. From a personal point of view, this role is much more hands on than I have been used to which is very pleasing for my inner geek!


As you know, our three core values at Kingsway Group are Perfect Products, Happy Customers, and a Winning Team. How do you see these relating to your role at Kingsway Group?

I love these values because they are clear and to the point, and they very much relate to both KOSMOS and the way we as a company will deliver KOSMOS. I’m very excited to guide KOSMOS to be as near perfect as it can be, and I know that in order to achieve that it will be very much a team effort. I’m honored to work with such capable people as we have, and I have already had fantastic input and support.


Which members of the Kingsway Team do you work most closely with on a day-to-day basis?

I work most frequently with Julian Hall, our Managing Director, and James Newman and his New Product Development team, but I have also worked very closely with Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Projects, Production and Operations. It has been great to work with our US colleagues too as we prepare to roll out KOSMOS in the USA.


Thank you for chatting with us Peter, and we look forward to hearing more about KOSMOS soon. To round off, what are your main interests and pastimes outside of work?

I’ve always liked to keep fit and my main sports nowadays are table-tennis, sailing and indoor climbing. Oh and a new pastime I’ve taken up since I joined is searching for my battery mug, which Bradley (our Production Manager) seemed to like… 😉


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