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Our journey with the Springfield Hospital project commenced in 2018 when Kingsway Group were approached by the Trust’s design team and architects to work collaboratively on selecting and fine tuning our door packages to suit the specific requirements for this project. Following the funding go ahead for the site in 2020, Kingsway were officially instructed to go into production in 2021.

Partnerships have been a major part of the success in this project, with South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust setting the tone by consulting with service users, carers, clinical staff, and industry experts to design and develop the Trinity facility which is built to support their needs. Today, the Trinity building provides a modern and therapeutic environment for the following user groups; Deaf ward, Eating Disorder ward, Adult Acute ward, CAMHS outpatient facility, along with a recovery college & consulting services.

The above approach extended to the brief on our door designs and associated products as the Trust wanted to ensure the Trinity building provided a high-end feel, as well as a less institutionalized atmosphere, which can sometimes be associated with mental health facilities. Headed up by Ben Glass, Project Consultant at Kingsway Group, we used our 3-step process of Define, Design & Deliver to sit down with our partners to fully understand their needs and requirements before agreeing the specifications. In total, this process took around 2 years from brief to installation.



Kingsway Group provided four different types of Anti-Ligature complete door systems for the Trinity building; SWITCH Anti-Barricade, SOLO Single Action, and SECLUSION doors for escalation areas. Customization was added to the project using our custom finishes and Door Handles, powder coated fascias on our Duralux Vision Panels, along with personalization on vision panels to include imagery. Our Duralux Vision Panel was a special feature of the project at Trinity, as it facilitates clinical staff members being able to communicate with Deaf service users while they are in their bedrooms and the door closed.



The Trinity building at Springfield Hospital in London completed in December 2022 and provides a light and bright therapeutic environment designed to increase patient comfort and improve clinical outcomes. Unique pieces of artwork are a key theme of the environment and provide a level of vibrancy, stimulation and interest.

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The SOLO Single-Action Ligature-Resistant Door System improves patient safety in behavioral healthcare.

SOLO Single Action Door System

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Ligature Resistant SECLUSION Door System for improved patient safety in behavioral health facilities.

Ligature-Resistant SECLUSION Door System

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