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Washroom Products: Built for safety. Delivering unrivalled durability.

Having delivered over 10,000 risk-reducing projects around the globe, we’ve developed an expertise in ligature-resistant best practices. Our precision-engineered range of ligature-resistant washroom dispensers and accessory products are no exception to this.

To ensure optimum patient safety, we manufacture products that are built to perform safely in the most challenging behavioral health environments. This means going beyond just ligature-resistant design, ensuring it is accompanied by a degree of strength and durability that withstands not only physical wear and tear but also strenuous product abuse.

As Your Partner in Patient Safety, we want your ligature-resistant solutions to perform when they’re needed most and for you to be confident that they will withstand attempts by patients to damage or dismantle them for self-harm purposes or weaponization against staff. This is why we offer products that are manufactured from the highest quality materials to exacting standards.


Ligature resistant washroom dispensers & holders

From paper towel and soap dispensers to toilet roll holders, our ligature resistant washroom range includes a variety of solutions to meet the unique demands of your behavioral health facility with both recessed and surface mounted options available.

The paper towel dispenser features a rounded top to resist ligature attempts.

KG02 Surface Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser

A high-strength, surface mounted solution to dispensing multi-fold paper towel sheets.

An anti-ligature soap dispenser for challenging mental health environments.

KG07 Surface Mounted Manual Soap Dispenser

A ligature-resistant surface mounted manual soap dispenser with a refillable liquid soap reservoir unit.

Kingsway Group's KG08 Ligature Resistant Manual Soap Dispenser is GOJO Compatible and helps reduce risk in washroom areas.

KG08 Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser – GOJO Compatible

A surface mounted manual liquid soap dispenser compatible with GOJO soap refill cartridges (GOJO LTX-12 1200ml).

The KG11 Ligature Resistant Paper Towel Dispenser (Recessed) helps reduce risk in behavioral health facility washroom areas.

KG11 Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser

A recessed unit for dispensing of multi-fold paper towels.

The KG10 Ligature Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispenser.

KG10 Recessed Toilet Tissue Dispenser

A recessed unit fitted flush with the wall for safe dispensing of toilet tissue.

KG18 Recessed Liquid Soap Dispenser

A recessed manual liquid soap dispenser for GOJO LTX-12 1200ml refills.

KG03 Surface Mounted Toilet Roll Holder

A surface mounted toilet roll holder with models to suit 4” wide and 4.5” wide toilet rolls.

The recessed Anti-Ligature Toilet Roll Holder safely holds toilet roll.

KG13 Recessed Toilet Roll Holder

A recessed toilet roll holder with models available to suit 4” wide and 4.5” wide toilet rolls.

KG23 Surface Mounted Twin Toilet Roll Holder

A surface mounted twin toilet roll holder with models available to suit 4” wide and 4.5” wide rolls.


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