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Meet Aaron McCallum, Project Consultant


In today’s blog article, we continue our ‘Meet The Team’ series as we catch up with one of our Project Consultants here in the US, Aaron McCallum.

We invited Aaron for a chat to find out more about his role at Kingsway and what motivates him to continue striving for better. Aaron has been an integral part of our team since joining and his passion for bringing about positive changes for our partners and their patients make him the perfect fit for Kingsway Group.

Which part of the US does your role cover?

At Kingsway, my role primarily covers the eastern half of the US, however, I get involved in projects throughout the US & Canada when working with national health systems & architects.

When did you start working for Kingsway Group and what attracted you to the role?

I started at Kingsway in April of 2019 and was really attracted by what Kingsway does as a company in helping keep people safe in times of need. The innovation, values and culture were inspiring and continue to be for me; I know we truly make a difference in people’s lives and that is important.

What’s your biggest ambitions for the role?

Becoming an essential partner for health systems, hospitals and architects by helping them standardize & integrate the latest innovation to keep patients safe. There’s so much that we can do to achieve this by working closely with clients. It’s very rewarding speaking with customers where Kingsway has done this & hearing how simple it’s made their processes while decreasing risks they were experiencing.

Tell me about your work background, skills and experience?

I started out working for a family business in customer service & then project management; this was in the office fit-out industry. From there, I joined a local company in the Tooling industry, starting as inside sales/estimating to full time sales. It was there that I learned the processes of design/spec/build which has been very valuable to my current role. I’ve always enjoyed working with & helping people, especially working through a complex project to find the right solution.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

The biggest challenge is people simply not knowing the full capabilities, solutions & what we can do to help them. A comment we hear often is: ‘we wish we’d started working together a year, or two years ago!’

Which colleagues do you work most closely with in your role?

I’m always working with Jeff Schuch, Justin Sumpter, Mark McMahon and the rest of the sales team. This usually is around how to solve a challenge for a customer or what we can do to make things easier for them. I try to engage with most team members through the week though, as I feel it’s important to connect with and learn from everyone.

What’s been your favorite / most interesting project to date with Kingsway?

This would be a recent project actually, the Sarasota Memorial Hospital project which is a new build project in Sarasota, Florida. It’s in construction right now, but I have really enjoyed the close collaboration we have had with all parties including the Hospital staff, architect (Gresham Smith) & the CM (DeAngelis Diamond). Making a couple trips to Florida didn’t take too much convincing either 🙂

Outside of work, what are your interests and passions?

I love spending time with my wife and two boys (4yrs old & 5 months old), and getting together with family & friends. We really enjoy hiking and spending time in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, or at one of the beaches on the Great Lakes. I also have fun working on home improvements & spending weekends in the summer relaxing in the backyard. Spring and Summer I like the most, with a highlight being the 4th of July as I enjoy a tradition of buying/setting off fireworks each year, which my son is equally enthusiastic about.


Like all our Project Consultants, Aaron McCallum is on hand to help you find the perfect solutions for your project. As a partner in patient safety, we are proud to be helping reduce risk in behavioral health facilities through our innovative products and winning team.

To find out more about how Kingsway Group can help your project or facility, speak to a member of our team today.

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