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Our New Ligature Resistant SHOWER Door for Behavioral Health

Reducing risk in behavioral health washrooms

In recent years, improvements to design best practices for mental health environments have continued to progress. Despite the progress being made, the en-suite bathroom remains one of the most high-risk spaces within a behavioral health facility. Due to its presence behind a closed bedroom door, the en-suite is a commonly targeted area for attempted patient self-harm, and as such, is a space that requires great attention to detail when it comes to design.

Whilst we’ll never be able to eliminate this risk entirely, we can reduce it and allow for greater risk management in the hope that serious incidents and patient suicides can be prevented.

In pursuit of this, we set about developing a new solution that could;

  • Reduce the risk of ligature attachment
  • Minimize potential entrapment points
  • Maintain patient privacy and dignity
  • Contribute to creating a therapeutic environment
  • Make cleaning and maintenance simple
  • Withstand a wet environment

Having pinpointed the goals of our new concept and identified the need for an bathroom door for behavioral health facilities that can create the right balance between patient privacy and safety, our product engineers began making it a reality resulting in the creation of our newest doorset; the anti-ligature SHOWER Door System.

Kingsway Group USA's SHOWER door offers an anti-ligature solution for patient bathroom doors to improve safety in behavioral health facilities


Anti-ligature SHOWER door for behavioral health

Designed to preserve patient privacy and dignity while reducing risk in behavioral health en-suite facilities, our new SHOWER Door System provides a robust anti-ligature solution to improve safety within high-risk washroom environments.

Simultaneous to reducing risk in mental health environments, SHOWER’s elegantly designed ligature-resistant leaf panel helps aid patient recovery journeys by maintaining their privacy and dignity when using washroom facilities. Its considered design provides staff with sufficient visibility to ensure safety when a patient is under constant observation without compromising their dignity.

Thanks to its innovative MegaHinge, the SHOWER doorset keeps the potential for entrapment points to a minimum whilst reducing the risk of ligature attachment. As a product created to help improve patient safety within one of the most high-risk areas of a behavioral health facility, the doorset offers a shatter proof and impact resistant solution to reduce the risk of patient self-harm.

Being located in a high-moisture setting, careful consideration was given to ensuring durable performance in wet environments. SHOWER is manufactured from a combination of high-quality stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, and aerospace grade ABS components. As assurance of its suitability, it comes with the same 3-year guarantee as all our other Door Systems.


Kingsway Group USA's new anti-ligature SHOWER Door for behavioral health facilities can be finished with custom imagery across the entirety of the door leaf.


Personalizing behavioral health washroom environments

To help create a more therapeutic space for patients, our new SHOWER door offers extensive customization possibilities, allowing behavioral health facilities to choose from a range of therapeutic imagery or design their own custom pieces to be displayed across the entirety of the door leaf.

Through customization, the SHOWER door helps add a personalized touch to patient en-suite bathrooms while supporting risk management strategies.


Durability and ease of cleaning

Through its unique MegaHinge system, maintenance and cleaning of the en-suite door is made easy. Its simple design makes dismantling the hinge for operational maintenance and cleaning purposes straightforward, ensuring for optimum performance and hygiene, while the leaf panel’s continuous smooth surfaces can be cleaned with ease.

In the event of damage to the leaf panel, downtime on wards due to repairs is kept to a minimum thanks to the MegaHinge system allowing for swift replacing of the panel.


We need your help choosing your favorite SHOWER door colors!

With the official launch of our new anti-ligature SHOWER Door System approaching, we need your help picking your favorite colors! To help contribute to creating more therapeutic spaces for service users, alongside bespoke imagery across the entirety of the leaf, our SHOWER Door will also be available in three standard color choices and we want your help selecting them!

Vote in the poll below to have your say and stay tuned to find out the winning colors! Pick your three favorite SHOWER Door colors:

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