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Our new Ligature Resistant Wall Seat for Behavioral Health Facilities

Earlier this month, at Kingsway Group we were pleased to unveil a new product to help reduce risk within behavioral health and challenging environments. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at our new Ligature Resistant Wall Mounted Seat.


Patient Seating for Behavioral Health

Announced to a great reception, our new Ligature Resistant Wall Mounted Seat is the latest addition to our range and a product of our commitment as your partner in patient safety to innovating new solutions for behavioral health environments.

High strength

Rated to a weight of 500lbs thanks to its high-strength internal frame, the wall mounted seat offers a robust seating solution for challenging environments that helps management teams reduce risk within their facilities.

Multi-purpose seating solution

A highly versatile product, the seat is suitable for use in high-risk areas such as patient en-suites or washroom facilities, as well as communal spaces and outdoor settings. To improve patient safety within these locations, our wall mounted seat has been carefully designed to resist ligature attachment with smooth continuous surfaces that provide a safe space for patients to sit.



Simple operational maintenance

Through careful design and the use of anti-microbial materials, infection control is made simple to ensure an easily maintained and hygienic seating solution for behavioral health facilities while reducing the risk of ligature attempts.

Find out more

To find out more about our new Ligature Resistant Wall Mounted Seat, reach out to us and we will be glad to explore how it can benefit your facility.

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Or alternatively, you can request a quote for an order of Ligature Resistant Wall Mounted Seats directly here.


Ligature Resistant Wall Mounted Seat
Patent No.: US D895,922 S

Date of Patent: ** Sep. 15. 2020

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