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Ligature-Resistant Door Closers: Minimizing risk in Mental Healthcare

A frequent question we receive at Kingsway Group revolves around door closers, specifically; is it possible to have a door closer that is ligature-resistant? A common but brilliant question to which the simple answer is ‘yes, you certainly can’.

At Kingsway Group we design and manufacture ‘Complete’ Door Systems for behavioral and mental healthcare environments. From the hinge to the handle, the slab to the frame, our ‘complete’ approach allows us to take full control over each component, ensuring effective ligature-resistance and seamless compatibility between all individual parts of a doorset.


A ‘complete’ approach to door safety in mental healthcare

In challenging environments where there is a risk of self-harm or loss of life, attention to detail is paramount. Our ‘complete’ approach means we can focus-in on the critical aspects of a doorset that otherwise may be overlooked, allowing for patient safety risks to be minimized.

The door closer is no exception to this, with traditional transom closers presenting considerable risk in mental healthcare environments. In private spaces, e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms, this risk is heightened further to the point which the use of traditional transom closers should be avoided. As such, an alternative solution is required.

Concealed Automatic Door Closers

While altogether avoiding the use of traditional transom closers can reduce risk, having a self-closing action is sometimes a necessity. In this instance, a concealed ligature-resistant closer should be opted for to provide the required closing action without impacting the ligature risk.

Approved by New York State Office of Mental Health Guidelines, Kingsway’s KG35 Closer is a concealed, flush-fitting unit which is installed directly into the metal frame header.

The concealed closer unit provides a hidden connection point between the frame and the doorset’s continuous hinge (see why continuous hinges are preferred in behavioral healthcare), delivering a reliable automatic closing action without presenting unnecessary risks. The KG35 Closer also allows the doorset to swing in both directions, delivering the perfect solution for anti-barricade doors.

Anti-ligature door closer.


Ligature-Resistant Design for Mental Health Doorsets

By providing every element of the doorset with equally as thorough attention, we’re able to deliver ligature-resistant Complete Door Systems that perform in the most challenging environments. Through this approach we’ve successfully delivered over 10,000 projects across the globe, helping mental healthcare facilities minimize risk while enhancing the healing environment as Your Partner in Patient Safety.

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