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How-to Guide: Design your Doors online with the KwikShip® Configurator

With the demands and time constraints that come with operating in the behavioral and mental healthcare sectors, earlier this year we launched our new KwikShip® service; a fast-tracked 8-week manufacturing schedule for a selection of our most popular Ligature-Resistant Door Systems.

With the aim of simplifying procurement and project delivery timelines, KwikShip® provides streamlined access to specialist doors designed to minimzse risk and enhance the healing environment within clinical settings through non-institutional, therapeutic design.

Alongside KwikShip®, we released our new KwikShip® Configurator; an intuitive online tool that allows you to design and configure your KwikShip® Door System before receiving custom elevation and technical drawings instantly.


How-to Guide for the Kingsway Configurator:

1. First, open the KwikShip® Configurator and begin by entering your project name.


2. Next, follow the intuitive steps on the Configurator tool, beginning with determining the Usage Area for your doorset. This will narrow down the following options that are available based on what is appropriate for use in your given Usage Area.


3. Once you’ve worked through each element of your doorset, it’s time to review your specification and submit your doorset! After clicking submit, you’ll receive your custom technical and elevation drawings via email within minutes. We’ll then be in touch to discuss next steps and provide your quotation.

It’s that simple! Try it for yourself:

Configure Door

If you’d like to learn more about our KwikShip® 8-Week lead time…

visit our KwikShip® page where you’ll find details on what’s available on KwikShip® and a range of FAQs. Alternatively, give us a call or email us. Afterall, the best things always start with a conversation. 

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