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How to book a Virtual Showroom Tour and Product Demonstration

Our new product showroom, ready for virtual tours and live product demos!

At Kingsway Group we are pleased to announce the opening of our brand-new product showroom, equipped with the widest range of specialist door systems available designed specifically for behavioral health!

As your partner in patient safety, the opening of our new showroom brings with it the opportunity for 1-to-1 virtual tours with live product demonstrations of our entire product range; from ligature alarmed door systems and ligature monitoring software, to ligature-resistant Division 10 items and interactive technology.

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For those working within the behavioral health sector, there are tremendous pressures on time and resources, and with that the opportunities to explore new risk-reducing solutions in depth are limited.

With the ability to prevent loss of life and support staff within behavioral health facilities, our door systems and ligature-resistant products are an invaluable investment and, given the significance of their purpose, we want you to be wholly sure in your understanding of their capabilities and functions.

This is why we are pleased to now offer virtual tours of our showroom with product demonstrations from our Project Consultants.

Key benefits of a virtual tour and live product demonstration:

An opportunity to see how Kingsway Group’s risk reducing solutions function and how they bring improved safety to both staff and patients.

Kingsway SWING Anti-Barricade Door System opening outwards with the lock bolt extended.

Save time without the need to travel, while still gaining all the information you need to make an informed decision.

KOSMOS provides a custom ward plan with live ligature alarm monitoring.

Receive a live demonstration of our new KOSMOS Smart Monitoring System, the next generation in ligature monitoring technology.

An opportunity to discuss your project requirements with us and draw on our extensive experience in delivering bespoke anti-barricade and ligature resistant solutions for behavioral health facilities.

With our private virtual tours, we can demonstrate the capabilities of our products to you clearly, remotely, and at a time of your convenience to save you precious time while still providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on which risk-reducing solutions are right for your facility.

During your private virtual tour, you will have the opportunity to discuss your project requirements with our Project Consultants, drawing on their expert experience in delivering innovative, effective, and bespoke solutions for a unique range of service user and facility requirements.

To book a virtual tour, please complete the below form and a member of our team will be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.

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