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The University of Maryland Medical Center

  • Sector: Acute Psychiatric Unit
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  • Location: Baltimore
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  • Patient Group: Child & Adolescent

The child and adolescent psychiatry department at The University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, supports those who require acute psychiatric hospitalization as well as a busy outpatient clinic that accommodates almost 10,000 annual visits.

The full renovation of the 11th Floor of their behavioral health utilized Kingsway Group’s SWITCH Anti-Barricade Door System, as well as our ligature resistant vision panels, hardware and dispensers.



Our patented SWITCH hinge system offers an anti-barricade solution by allowing the door to be quickly opened outwards into the corridor, in less than two seconds. Unlike other two-way door systems, the unique SWITCH system is operated from the hinge side of the door, keeping staff safe at all times.

All of the doors were equipped with our Duralux vision panels; a high strength tempered glass unit, designed exclusively for the behavioral health environment.



Our ligature resistant coat hooks, wall mounted door stops and paper towel dispensers were all selected for use through the renovation due to their unique ligature resistant design. Built to withstand any potential abuse, our washroom and hardware products have both the safety of staff and patients in mind while offering durability and ease of use.


Featured Products

SWITCH Anti-Barricade Door System

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Duralux Secure Vision Panel for behavioral health facilities with personalized imagery.

Duralux Secure Vision Panel

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Kingsway Group Pyrolux Secure Clear Glazed Panel.

Pyrolux Secure Clear Glazed Vision Panel

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SOLO Single Acting Anti Ligature Behavioral Health Door.

SOLO Single Action Door System

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The dual coat hook rack provides two anti-ligature hooks suitable for service user areas.

Ligature Resistant Dual Coat Hook Rack

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Anti Ligature Paper Towel Dispenser - KG02 Kingsway.

Ligature-Resistant Paper Towel Dispenser

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Ligature-Resistant Door Stop for Behavioral Health: KG182 by Kingsway Group USA.

Ligature-Resistant Door Stop (Wall Mounted)

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