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Pontiac General Hospital, Michigan

  • Sector: Adult Psychiatric Unit
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  • Location: Michigan
The full renovation of the 6th Floor South Wing, of the Adult Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Unit at Pontiac General Hospital included Kingsway Group’s SWITCH Anti-Barricade Doors and SOLO Single Action Doors.



Our unique SWITCH door with patented SWITCH hinge operates like no other. Unlike a standard door, the SWITCH hinge can be quickly and simply unlocked during a barricade situation, allowing the door to open from the hinge side.

This revolutionary product is paramount for both patient and staff safety, allowing entry in under 2 seconds while keeping staff in the safe ‘green zone’ when attending a barricade situation.

Our SOLO doors were equipped with our Pyrolux Clear Glazed Vision Panel, which was finished off with a facia wrap, a unique feature available across our door systems.

With Kingsway Group, all of our door systems come complete and pre-assembled, allowing for quick and easy installation on site – another key reason why Pontiac General Hospital chose Kingsway Group!

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SWITCH Anti-Barricade Door System

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SOLO Single Action Door System

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Kingsway Group Pyrolux Secure Clear Glazed Panel.

Pyrolux Secure Clear Glazed Vision Panel

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