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Cypress Flex Unit, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health

  • Sector: Behavioral Health
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  • Location: Michigan

The three year effort to get state approval for this 26 flex bed unit has now ended as the ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the opening of the new Cypress Flex Unit.

This 27,000 square foot expansion on Pine Rests’s Cutlerville campus provides a vital new unit for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 14 and 26.

With a $12.5 million build cost, this new unit has been carefully designed with the safety of patients the foremost priority. Tamper-proof screws, single actions doors, built in beds and nightstands, and Kingsways anti-ligature washroom items & coat hooks are all part of the design to ensure this facility is fit for purpose.

In Pine Rest’s drive to help the 44 million adults experiencing a mental illness, this facility, situated on 220 acres of land, is one of their cutting edge units, homing a dedicated team of over 1,800 professionals, including doctors, nurses and clinicians.

View the video to find out more about what goes on at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health.


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